• FAQ's


    Aren't system built homes similar to mobile homes?


    You may be thinking of HUD building code homes that have a chasis underneath.


    Prefab systems-built homes are built to the same local and international building codes (IRC) as a site built home. Consequently, appraisers don't differentiate nor do banks - they use the same exact comparables they'd use if you were buying a site built home.


    We also incorporate timber framing, panelized, and SIPS construction into our projects providing the most efficient, cost effective design and build possible.


    They are the same, the only difference is where they are made, not how they are made.

    How are they financed?

    Same as a site built home

    Using the same Fannie Mae loans you'd get when buying a site built home. Contact us for names and banks that regularly do prefab home loans.

    Aren't they worth less than a site built custom home?​


    In studying the sold properties in the Crested Butte area MLS, we found that most prefab systems-built homes aren't differentiated or labeled any differently in the MLS. The models of the pictures above on our site show $5,000,000 prefabs that 2 of our factories made.

    What are the benefits?

    Numerous benefits

    > Built to withstand 100+mph winds for 3 days straight

    > Built to IRC and Local Building Codes

    > Built in a controlled environment.

    > Beautiful custom designs within reach

    > Super energy efficient: exact cuts, less warpage.

    > More lumber - extra layer of sub-floor, thicker walls

    > Building 75-80% complete at delivery, less head aches

    How long does it normally take?

    Generally 7 months after final design and neighborhood Design Review Board approval.