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Cash In or Cash Out?

You have new equity in your CB property!

Hi, my name is Ken Buck, I live in the town of Crested Butte. My family and I moved here 6 years ago - picked up the middle schoolers and the toddler and did it. We love Crested Butte, as you might too, and it has opened for us a new set of eyes to the world. We work really hard, and we play really hard, and try to prioritize enjoying life in doing either. Our kids are in the CBCS school which has been the icing on the cake - they love it, being here has stretched us all in many ways. Including my Real Estate career of 24 years - I am really investment focused and want to help you!

I've put together this 'Cash In or Cash Out' program to offer investors and property owners like yourselves.

Here's How it works:

  1. Current Crested Butte Property Appreciates Significantly - done
  2. Identify a new property to purchase - in state or out.
  3. Sell Current CB Property and 1031 Exchange the Equity/Gains (completely Tax Free) into a New Property with higher appreciation potential.


  1.  Just sell your current CB property and use the equity however you want

In a nutshell, your CB property has appreciated quite a bit and we have options and info for you.

Call me 970-765-7414 or contact me using this websites contact page

I look forward to speaking with you!

PS - we also build amazing custom homes for less than locally site built...check out